The new is open in the city of the south of China- Shenzhen.

There are 4 runways (3L1M) and T1, 21 stand (17L4M)


I divided the terminal building into five parts (T1ABCDE). The T1A and T1B parts are now open


Because the computer crashed, my first SZX archive was lost. When I was doing the second one, I suddenly thought why I didn’t build a terminal similar to Hong Kong Airport, so I replaced all the aprons. Became large, (only 4 medium ones)

Hay guys, I am back.
During this time, I made some optimizations to my airport, such as adding escalators, shops, restaurants, etc.

This allows passengers to go further afield before boarding.

In addition, a second food factory has been built to share the tasks of the first food factory.

The airport makes full use of the arrival space on the first floor, I put the baggage claim here

Now our T1B large gates have all been opened. After optimization, I will plan and work on the remaining two medium gates of T1B and T1C and T1D.

I hope I can get some suggestions, if you have suggestions for my airport, please leave a message below, thank you very much

Today, a major event happened at our airport. Two employees in our airport discussed at lunch whether Chongqing hot pot is delicious or Chengdu hot pot is delicious. In the end, they collectively resigned and set up a fund the next day. Will specifically discuss…
No way, I had to close most of the stations and cancel some flights to reduce passenger flow, and urgently recruit a group of new employees (rest assured, these employees do not eat hot pot)

After unremitting efforts, we finally got the airport operation back on track

:rofl: :rofl:

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Let’s talk about the nearest airport.
We found a couple who want to travel around the world. They use a J-3 plane. They plan to fly to 10 countries and play in 60 days. Good luck to them

Then there is a car in the parking lot
Return to normal T1A and T1B terminal areas
In addition, we built a new runway (09/27) and 10 GA parking spaces at the corner of the airport
Two 4F runways (36L/18R) and (36C/18C) in use

Finally, future plans The ferry station used by the four remote seats has been built. At the same time, there is the baggage handling office of the international terminal. Finally, two photos end my introduction today
The picture shows Juneyao Airlines B789 and Air China B736

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I will set a new rule, no speech is allowed during lunch :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Hey guys, I am back again
Our airport has been optimized and updated recently:
The first commercial long-distance aircraft has been opened, and the first to use it is an Air China A333

In addition, the other far seat (or super far seat, because it is really far away) serves as an emergency apron and will not serve commercial flights
I removed the second and third food factories. For some reasons, garbage trucks and food trucks could not pass through the vehicle entrance of the airport
In addition, with the use of international boarding gates I1 and I2, the corresponding supporting facilities have also been improved!
The picture shows the international boarding gate, international baggage claim area and international baggage handling area
In terms of safety, we have added a new emergency response center beside runway 36R/18L
Finally, still a few photos, complete