Survey Stakes

Feature request title: Survey Stakes

A way to place down a zero cost, quick object that would be very visible, able to be placed on grass and inside within any zone at any of the elevation (floating survey stakes might raise some questions, but I digress).


An object (could be a little orange tape waving in the air like below) with a very visible bright orange light placeable much like a lamp, provides no ambient lighting, but easy to see to remove when we build over the top of it to delete it.

Why it should be implemented:

Construction always has survey stakes. Therefore, this feature is in keeping with the game designer intent of realism, but it is needed to help with layout designs and future construction for planning the airport layout. With the non-stop addition of larger and large features, (humongous tip of the hat to the development team by the way) it’s getting more complex to build larger and increasingly complex airports, airport support infrastructure, and vehicle support. Right now, it’s more of an improvisational way of building. I’m sure people have come up with workarounds that accomplish what I am suggesting, but really… why would you want a work-around in your game for something that should be relatively little effort in coding, and is starting to become a needed feature.

Images, references or additional content:


What it could look like, only make it orange and brighter. The objects are already sort of in the game.


Thanks for your consideration.


This would help with planning, Right?

I would love it if you could contruct everything in a “construction mode”
It’s for saving space for any item. And to see how it will work together with other items if i have planed everything i want to build .

It can save us for any miss constructions an expensiv demolish/rebuilding.

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Construction mode would be awesome. Allows for planning ahead without spending a lot of cash. It would also make it possible to plan large structures and placement of stands and other (complex) constructions like taxi-ways.

It could work as follows: enabling ‘construction mode’ changes the buildings you place to a black and white version of the blueprint you get when you normally build an object.

Later on you would need a draggable selection tool to change the planned objects from planned(black and white blueprint) to under construction(normal blueprint)


It would be neat if you add 4 in a square or something then a bunch of lines appear

In this photo the orange dots are the sticks then the black lines appear connecting the dots so you can plan
(I added 64x64 for example)

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