Support for other OS systems E.g. iOS

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This game is great, I really like it, but it takes up a lot of storage on my computer that I need for work. Which is why I am suggesting that the game could be further developed to support other OS systems such as iOS, or other gaming systems such as PlayStation. I believe this would be great because it would allow the player count to greatly increase as the game would become a lot more versatile. I also believe this way would allow the game to become a lot more adaptable.

I play multiple games such as Prison Architect that are simulation games with structure very similar to this, especially now that Airport CEO is almost at the stage of full release. As I said earlier on, this could be a significant step in gaining attention in the gaming industry.

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IMO, This isn’t exactly a game that is easy to plan with fingers. Maybe an iPad compatibility, but not an iPhone as it’s simply too small.


Yeah, I I don’t think it would work on iPhone, but I play a game called Prison Architect on iPad, and I think this game could be adapted to be like that simulation game on iOS. On top of this, you could use a stylus instead of your fingers and people do play the game on touchscreen computers.

It would be nice. And I don’t have any direct issues with transitioning the game to a mobile device, but it’s not going to be a likely option for the devs. They have expressed they don’t want to do any more major updates after the game is fully released. they want to work on an even better version of ACEO or another game. I support that and making this game into a mobile app would cause them to change lots of the UI make new buttons for functions otherwise be used on a keyboard and just moving it from a laptop to a mobile device. It would also make more bugs. Maybe with the next game.

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I just thought this could be a possible alternative for the development team as I believe it could bring a much larger player audience, by adding compatibility for other devices/ players.

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