Suggestion of a new security

well I think the introduction of the Boeing 787 and possible new larger aircraft would be good a new area of ​​greater security. example the largest medium aircraft is 200 to 295 passengers, is the Boeing 787-8 242 to 335 passengers leaving the security areas full

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I think I will agree on that. Current security points are not fast enough for large airports. With multifloors and 787 we can build larger airports and security will be bottleneck of it.

On a side note, as I didn’t enable baggage system for a while now… Is security efficiency much better without baggage scan? I have noticed that during the process the pax goes through quite quick, but he/she needs time to put baggage on the conveyor and take it again…

I do not know how to respond, lately I had problems with the security by Speed ​​and artificial intelligence

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