Suggestion: Allow "Emergency" as airline for a stand

I noticed you can select which airline can service a specific stand.
Can the “Emergency” airline be added as universal type?
Then i can make a reserved stand for emergencies that is always available unless already occupied by previous emergency plane.

This feature somewhat exists, you can just turn off the auto-planner feature from the fligh planner for that stand only and it’ll be manually planned by you. You can then not schedule any flights and that stand will be open and available to accept any emergency flights you have

The devs mentioned that they don’t want an auto assignment for emergencies. Emergencies require manaual handling by the player, otherwise you wouldn’t really need this feature.
As @xxLLboyboy1001 writes, you can have a free gate which is not used by the auto planner. When an emergency occurs, you can schedule those flights manually there.


Well, this is fine unless you do not want to handle those manually because you are busy, let’s say, building an airport or looking for flaws in a conveyor belt system and what not. I would welcome a feature that would let me assign stands to accept the emergency planes without a fuss. Frankly: In a planning game I am not in need of randomly happening interruptions of my gameflow. Designing the airport for emergency is fine and building all the stuff is great and fun as well, but handling flights while you are occupied with other tasks (which I deem the core/central elements of the game)? Nope. Currently I can only switch off the emergency flights at all, right? Some automation could be a great QoL feature.

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