Subway, underground or metro

Feature request title:

Proposal for subway, underground or metro.


I think one key thing I think the game should have before it moves to version 1.0 is that the subway stations we put on look when we’re at level -1 and -2, so here goes my proposal.

  • The game will not let you put only one subway station per terminal
  • The game will regulate the metro frequency depending on demand (with a maximum of 1train every 20min).
  • Distinction between: small stations (platform: 60m, wagons: 4, capacity: 80 pax, 1 entrance) and large (platform: 90m, wagons: 6, capacity: 120 pax, 2 entrances)
  • Trains have 2 routes: go to the track above and go back or to either tracks and continue forward.

Why it should be implemented:

It can be entertaining to watch the trains go by and so there will be no pax for magic art, it would give realism and improve the management of the underground space.

Images, references or additional content:

I like this idea, but I’d much rather see the subway at level -2 than level -1.

I like where the idea is coming from, BECAUSE I always found it funny that we can place subway levels, almost on any level, AND without and regard as to if something is beneath it.

Oh, I hadn’t considered it. It could be seen in both level -1 and -2, as just above (-1) you shouldn’t be able to build anything. I edited the capture to make the scales longer (20 meters long).

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