Submit your Airport save for Steam screenshots!

Hey everyone!

As you know we’ve recently updated a lot of the visuals in the game and consequently we need to take some new screenshots. Since we’re doing a lot of things community style around here we thought it could be fun to check if there’s any interest from any of you to have your airport designs be featured in the Steam screenshots!

This time around we can’t reward you with anything except with the honor of having your creation featured on the Airport CEO frontier. We will of course be roaming all the saves that we’ve received via bug reports to snap some nice angles but this is your chance to actively offer your design, if you want to.

How do you send in your design?

We’re not looking for actual screens here but instead your complete save file.

  1. .zip your save files (location on Windows: C:\Users[YOUR USER]\AppData\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Saves[SAVE FOLDER], location on macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/unity.Apoapsis Studios.Airport CEO/Saves)

  2. Attach the .zip in an e-mail to and title the message “Steam screenshot airport design”.

Any submitted save may or may not be included in the screens depending on overall build quality. You’ll know if we’ve used your design when we update the screens and you are of course entitled to bragging rights.

There’s no set time for when this opportunity window closes, we’ll lock the topic when (if) we get enough saves.

Thank you for reading and if you choose to submit your save, thank you again! :heart: :airplane:


Do you accept airports with ACEOMM real airlines mod included?

Yes but we can’t show modded features, Steam require the screenshots to be from an unmodded, vanilla version of Airport CEO. However, since we have a relatively smart good modding system in place vanilla versions of Airport CEO that load modded files simply fall back on clean liveries, i.e. we can still take interior screens of the airport and schedule default airline flights.

Sending in saves from a modded version is not an issue! :slight_smile:

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Gets my latest save ready to email in :slight_smile:


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