Stupid question on the updates

I didn’t see the answer by looking through the forum, so forgive me if this has already been answered, but do you need to start a new airport for the features from the most recent update to be available? I haven’t seen them show up yet in the airport that I’m working on.

Which features are you taking about?

Hello :slight_smile:

There are no such thing as “stupid questions” on AirportCEO forum. Every question is answered with respect and love :wink:

Although I don’t understand what do you mean by “feature” you are talking about.


Are you talking about the new features they mentioned in the devblogs? Well… they are plans onlyand not yet available to us mortals.

Alpha 35 is not yet released, hence why those features are not available. You can review what version of ACEO you’re playing by looking at the top center of the screen.

Yeah, I realized about the same time that you posted this that I was looking at a dev blog instead of of release notes (in my defense, with the new Steam layout it isn’t as obvious what is what anymore).

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