Stuck passenger inbetween zones [solved-ish]

Hey guys.

I’m back since a while to this game and stumbled into some issues, well known from before. It maybe me, desinging rediculous bad arports, but anyways…
After enabling the baggage handling on my small airport, I have some 40 passengers, who aren’t willing to leave my airport. Not that I’m not happy they enjoy their time here, but somehow I feel it’s time for them to go home.

Any advices, how to redesign or maybe just how to despawn them (and their luggage)?

Just a few words to the future plans I have with the terminal:
On the right hand side, you’ll find some small gates, I want to keep them as local business gates for small airlines. The five small stands on the left side are planned to rebuild as three medium stands as soon as the flights in the flight panner are done.

I do play with realistic international stands and schengen option on. I use tweaks in the latest version and the perfomance mod (which I have to use on my new rig, which is dull, because on my old laptop the game ran smooth as warm butter - but I can’t get it to work without stutters on the new one).


what is the secure zoning?

My bad.
There it is:

can you do a similar screenshot but zoom in on the baggage claim?

As you wish:

Where are the stuck passengers? I don’t see them anymore

They were on the right hand side security zone. I messed a little further with the zoning tool and suddenly I git like a third zone with no entries and exits and then it disappeared again.

However I abandoned the airport as I somehow disabled the achievments with the debug menu.

I’ll give a shout, when I run again in the issue. The layout of the new airport will be similar. Anyways, thanks for the efforts.

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My initial thought looking at this was ‘I didn’t know you could have multiple baggage carousels per reclaim zone’. So could the game be getting confused by that and the passengers that won’t leave are actually waiting for luggage that they can’t collect?
If it happens on your new airport, it might be worth disconecting all except one carousel per reclaim area and seeing if that solves the problem.

Alright. Will give that a try.

Just for my information:
whats’s the desired way for the game to handle baggage claim?

(international) > baggage claim > security exit


(international) > security exit > baggage claim

Both options are allowed.

Many domestic airports like those in the US have the baggage claim in the public area. While international airports around the world keep it separated from the public area. In real life it would be protected by customs but as that part is missing, we can place it before the security exit.

I might figured out, what the issue was. Ran into some similar problem with the new one.

While the game seems to handle multiple loops in a claiming area fine, it seems the issue is/was, that two sperate baggage claims - which were not connected - are using the same baggage bay.
At least as far as I observed, was that suddenly luggage from a flight, which was designed to use the righthand claiming area, ended up using the lefthand one - leaving the passengers with no possibility to claim their luggage. I teared down the wall between both and made it one zone and now it’s running smooth. Little pitty, as I can’t afford 2 baggage bays for 3 small stands, which I (roleplay wise) designed for some small premium flights.

Is there any possibility to avoid that waiting depatures sitting on the benches in the reclaim area, without putting those out of security zone?

yep. Each baggage bay can only handle 1 baggage claim.
To answer your question, you could theoretically cheese it so that there is a wall between the exit point of the game, but I don’t think the game would like that.

A baggage bay can serve multiple claims. A claim only one bay.

Thinking about how to solve your problem here, you could try taking the wall down, then painting a single baggage reclaim zone across both areas. Then build a carousel that covers both areas, then rebuild the wall leaving the carousel going through it. To stop people using the conveyor belt gaps through the wall to go from one area to another, dezone that, I’m assuming the baggage won’t care. Then the baggage that arrives will transit both of your intended reclaim areas (actually just a single reclaim zone) allowing the passengers from both sides an opportunity to get their luggage. I’ve not tried this, so the messing with security zones in a baggage reclaim zone may cause probems, but painting a staff only zone on part of one doesn’t cause issues so hopefully not.

I’ve seen it the other way around.

I guess the game engine can’t handle two differe nt zones in one terminal. Will have to wait until I can afford a second terminal for VIP flights.
Will take a while though, as I ran my airport deep in the reds, because I went way too fast to medium I guess.
Especially with tweaks it became really hard to make money. easyjet granted me barely over 2k for an A320. :sweat_smile:

It can handle it, just has to be set up in a certain way. It isn’t really meant to have a VIP terminal.

Okay, let me correct my phrase - it can’t handle it the way, I am imagine it. Unfortunately.

Yep. For a VIP terminal, I highly suggest you use the terminal zones, and then have everything they need separate for them.