Stuck in tutorial


Im unable to continue the tutorial at the Regonal airport “Offices and decoration” step.
I have tried nearly all the possible floors, it just won’t complete. Am I doing anything wrong?


it is a bug i had that promble to

You can skip it by clicking on the 3 bars in the blue circle on the phone. Then you can see the following steps.

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I think the big issue is that you can’t get the million dollar bonus. I was stuck on the same step yesterday and going ahead showed me that I haven’t done the “open a few stands for commercial flights” even though my terminal was already up and running. Really halted my progress since I couldn’t get the bonus

Agreed, facing the same issue despite trying all types of floors. Bonus is vital for expanding the terrain and enabling mid-size planes! :smiley:

Now I cannot also lay a new floor on certain parts of the terminal. :confused: Seems bigger.

And the tutorial step - it’s first selected in the UI, but it immediately deselects and stays like this, if this helps in any way.

Half of the floor tiles don`t work in my games either, some of them work after reloading the savefile, something is bugging the sprites loading I guess. I cannot see fences either.

As of the large tiling changes, we can expect quite a few bugs relating to textures for the week going forward. We’ve also overhauled a large section of the tutorial progression system which is most likely the cause of the bug in this topic, @Alexander will have a look at it!

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