Strange map behaviour in Oceania

so I noticed that some pacific island have inaccurate names. Example:

Queenstown is a town in New Zealand

Lord Howe Island and Hobart both belong to Australia.

For all non turbo prop jets the map showing international flights looks like this:
Anmerkung 2020-05-08 064412

Could this have something to do with the unrealistic flight spawning of turboprop jets in Oceania?

That means no closer airport is maintained in the list.

Is the comment ment for this post or my previous one?

Which country and airport code are you trying to play? The I can check what is in the airport database of ACEO.

papeete, tahiti

The airport is in the game. But you have to choose the location very exact.

You are too close to Australia. Those islands you have selected seem to have no airport in the database.

Can’t remember where, but somewhere down the NSW/QLD coast. It comes up as nearest airport being somewhere in Japan. :joy:

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There are some broken entries in the list as well. Note them please.

For example there is a wrong London Luton, located in Amritsar (India) but placed South-West Africa.

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Those Islands belong to french polynesia and the game shows that the country has 7 domestic airports.
Never the less the designation is wrong.
The Islands designated as lord Howe Island are infact the Tuamatu archipel and the ingame airport is Fakarava. Lord Howe Island in real life is an Island in the pacific 780km off of Sydney and 5376Km from where the ingame map claims it is supposed to be. Hobart is the capital of Tasmania, Astrailia and is 6515 km away from the ingame designation. And finally Queenstown actually is 4900km away.
I don’t think that the reative proximity to Autralia is the problem.

im able to get Papette by clicking on the island

however there are 3 airports that are labeled in the “region” (typically the city of that airport) of Lord Howe Island… 1 which is correct and 2 are incorrect… and 2 airports labeled in Queenstown and 2 as Hobart of which one is correct for each and the others are incorrect

@LEI. you can manually correct these yourself in AirportData.json but you could also let the devs know about these error so its not confusing to the CEO when selecting those airport locations and have them fix the database to correctly reflect the region (city).

Airports labeled as Lord Howe Island region

The correct one which is part of AU (Australia)

The incorrectly labeled ones which are part of (PF) French Polynesia:

They need to be corrected in the database. But they are attached to the correct country…

these should maybe be labeled as region:
NTGF: Fakarava - Location Fakarava, Tuamotu, French Polynesia
NTTM: Moorea - Serves Moorea, French Polynesia, France

Airports labeled as Queenstown region

This one is incorrect and should maybe be in region

Reao or Tuamotu? Location Reao, Tuamotu, French Polynesia

However this one is correct:

Airports labeled as Hobart region

This one is incorrect and should maybe be labeled in regional: Rikitea or Gambier Islands?

Location Rikitea

or Gambier Islands, French Polynesia

this one is correct:

Thanx dude. I think I will do both. Is it complicated and could you tell me How to change the AirportData.json?

One more thing :wink::nerd_face:… Do you think that could be the reason why i get unrealistic destinations with atr 72 und q400?

I have noooo idea lol… that one is beyond me

AirportData.json is in the game files. if you open in a text editor, and do a search for those airports then just change the “region” location. just make sure you don’t change any of the formatting.

also duplicate the file first and save it somewhere in case you make a mistake. and anytime the game updates that file will probably be replaced, so save the one you make the fixes to as well so you can put it back in to reflect those changes until the devs fix them.

if you get suck anywhere just DM me and ill help you out

At the risk of being a drag… How do i get to the AirportData.json?:flushed:

Whereever your Steam games are located, there you will find a folder called steamapps.

… \steamapps\common\Airport CEO\Airport CEO_Data\DataFiles\GameData\JSON

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