Stop with automatic boarding desk assignment


This is really annoying. I have a medium international stand with jetway on level 1.

On level 0 I have built a domestic zone with 2 desks - 1 with bus shuttle another one with a sidewalk. Both desks are in proximity of the wall (not next to stand directly). Both desks have been assigned to international stand immediately upon building. That gives me 3 medium desks assigned to a medium stand, 2 of which in a different zone. HOW ANNOYING. I need to close the stand now and cancel all the flights to fix it.

Please introduce manual assignment as default. It would allow us to design more complex and custom terminal areas.

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It is quite annoying but it does not stop building

It is annoying, yes, and if we keep it 10% of players will complain that it is annoying. If we remove it, 50% of new players will not realize that they need to connect the boarding desk to a stand resulting in bug reports. The solution is to add a gameplay toggle, which we will do during beta. :slight_smile:


To be perfectly honest, adding a connection between a boarding desk and a stand is something YOU NEED TO DO when you build a stand anyway, so new users will learn it anyways (otherwise they will be eaten by a huge red exclamation mark). The problem is when there is a working stand somewhere nearby and you build a new desk, if I recall correctly.

I will appreciate a toggle though.

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The toggle will be helpful, if only to eliminate my bugbear of the boarding desk meant for a remote stand bus stop being automatically linked to the stand immediately outside the terminal which is already being served by the desk next to the jetway exit on the floor above…


Still hoping to be able to remove a boarding desk connection as long as at least one more exists (maybe add an additional check that there has to be a walking connection between both, so passengers can’t get stuck). Then you wouldn’t need any toggle at all.


So true. @Olof, maybe you could consider this as a compromise solution? :slight_smile:

Maybe - we can simply be able to de-assign a desk from a stand more easily? currently there has to be no scheduled flights, maybe this can be lowered a bit so that we can do so if there is no “Active” flight being handled? :slight_smile: that would also get around the need to deactivate a stand to do so.

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Devs may correct me if I am wrong, but I thought I read somewhere that the action of assigning boarding desks is changing to where we can bulk assign desks to stands. I know this would relieve this specific concern/nuisance for me, because we would not have to individually click every desk.

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