Still the issue with Stutters - 1.0-46

Hello guys,

As much as i should I cant give up on this game! Upgraded my PC lately (not just for ACEO but yeah) and i still get those annoying stutters every 5 seconds. its not unplayable but its annoying and it makes me alt+F4 a lot. Only now I’ve seen some of the new mods here but so far none has solved the issue. In the video its an airport i created for the sole purpose of stress testing the game and there are the stutters. Is there any Log i can see the events in real time and check wich is causing the stutter? Any way to solve this issue ive been having for YEARS (and lots of others).

Video with stutters

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Did you try the performmance mod?

I have. I have amazing performance except those annoying stutters

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