Steam workshop for assets?

So long, Airport CEO has already come to the stage of Beta 5. It’s delightful to see the game now has a great amount of content and functions in a real airport. But I’ve not seen any assets or buildings in the steam workshop. So I’m just wondering if the game would support, at least, assets in the steam workshop?

I’ve been in the forum a few months and there’re a lot of requests in the feature voting class asking for a variety of assets and buildings. To list a few: smaller stairs, smaller police stations, and different stands, etc. Since developers are busy optimizing game performance now, it’s unlikely to add so many new things. However, given the game already has a comprehensive system and that most of these requests are objects under existing systems, would it be possible to uses mods to let us fulfill our needs? A steam workshop would be important for a sandbox game and the airlines and franchise mods are good examples.

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Just like City Skyline :wink:

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Exactly, though we won’t expect that kind of freedom here. But still

Honestly, there is this post simply because I really need some smaller stairs (oneway stairs/escalators) for my separated departure/arrival areas, though I already know how to separate them into two secured zones using two floors. And I’m so tired of getting multiple tankers to fuel the wide-bodies that I wish to have the hydrant.

I absolutely agree on this. It would allow for much more customisable airports. For example, it is a shame that there is only one small, simple, brown door. Or what about the flight information monitor? There is only one size and it best suits an big international airport.

Let asset modding begin!:grin: