Steam trading cards?

Are steam badges And trading cards present in the first release? And, if not, Will they come in a futures version?

I doubt it. The developers seem focused on getting the base game ready. I don’t think they have time to add that in.

But who knows, after release there is more time to add new stuff :slight_smile:

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No, not yet. Like pderuiter says, this has no been our main focus.

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I hope this will be added for full release though, not during EA.

I also hope they will be added in the future!

I have an idea that builds upon this, about collectable items that you can place ingame, like skins in games such as CS:GO. When you own an item, for example, a rare piece of artwork, you can place it down in your airports. It would be a good way for you guys(devs) to make more money from sales of it on the steam market.

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I think modding would make that point moot.

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I know, modding could add decorative objects too. But as a way to extend the future Airport CEO market(with things other than trading cards) i thought it could be interesting to have “Official” decorative objects that you can sell.

Steam Trading Cards, yes please! But focus on the game in first hand.

Second of all, don’t fall into the way of the greedy game developer. Don’t start doing hokum like skins and s**t, like they do in CS:GO focus on what you are here for instead…

Creating a masterpiece of a Tycoon/Management simulating game thingamajig.

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