Steam keys ~ Reviews

Hello Airport CEO devs,

I’m interested in possibly getting a key for Airport CEO I’d like to do some coverage of it. I was wondering what are the current requirements for press to get a key?

Kind regards

Hello there @NewGames and thanks for showing your interest in this game! The devs have already said that some content creators who have expressed an interest in showcasing ACEO will receive a key.

You can read their full post here:

I’m not sure if there are any requirements at the moment. Your best bet might be to contact the devs directly via email and ask them about it. :smiley:


Im sure you would need a decent following on social media platforms like YouTube or Steam in order for it to be worthwhile for them…

Thanks for the speedy reply! I’ll look into it.

Just buy it.



This goes slight off-topic but when you’re press you normally don’t buy games because when you do it for free it and you review games you’d be constantly losing money and by the end of the month you could have spent over $300 on just games trying to review them.

Kind regards

Then again, if you buy your own game you don’t feel obligated to be more positive and maintain your unbiased nature


monetization?.. I mean it’s not really that hard to do it nowadays, if your channel is popular you can get those 10 bucks in no time


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