Steam businesses mods not working

Hi everyone!

Hope you can help me. I subscribed to the real banks/businesses and real catering/de-icing of Dubinek on Steam. I also have his Fuel suppliers pack.

When I disable the default button, the only thing showing up is fuel contractors. All other categories give a issue code, as in no Businesses found…

Cannot figure out what seems to be the issue here…please help!

I’ll try the mod out to see if it works for me.

Okay, well the cafes and stores showed up. De-icing showed up as well. The loan menu was empty at first, but when I opened it again, the banks were there.

Perhaps there’s just a small delay before the mod loads, are you sure it is not working even after a period of time?

Did you seen to only toggle the fuel contractors mod, and forgot to toggle the real banks/businesses and real catering/de-icing of Dubinek.

If so just toggle it and it should appear in a matter of time.:smiley::smiley::innocent:

Looking through the back log we have no other reports of mods not working so not sure what is going on here, have you tried with the tips in this thread @Raou98?

I know that, if you have a lot of mods downloaded, not all of them load ingame which is a big problem for me as I want a lot of different airlines and it’s impossible to solve… You can try to subscribing to ACEO Modding Team Collection, and check if everything is enabled then load game and see not all of them appeared @Olof

I will try these ideas, I’ll come back to you later! Thanks in advance :hugs:

Could some one help me sort out a problem?

My mods are not working

Hello and welcome @papersiren508 to the forum, where the friendly skies meet.

Yes, have you let those mods download on steam? Just let them load, also you have to select all the freshly downloaded mods by clicking on the mods menu in game loading screen, select all of the mods until all have a green check mark.

These are just simple and known soulutions to solve this problem. I personally have not seen this screen show up before though.

It seas to restart the game, dose that just mean quit and go back in?

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Thanks for the advics it workt

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I am glad it works! enjoy! :innocent:

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