Statistics Enhancement

Hey guys,

One of the sides of the game I really like is the management side - I’d love an enhanced statistics and reporting system with more options - maybe something we could export to Excel or similar?

Much along the same lines as the Operations and Economy Reports we get but broken down more so for example:

  • Flights by Airline (as well as small, medium, large) etc.
  • Income by Airline - see which contracts are bringing in the most money
  • Income by Terminal/Food Outlet/Shop - so see which franchises perform the best
  • Number of passengers per terminal (if applicable)

This kind of more detailed breakdown would make the management side of the airport so much more fascinating!

It may be a niche request, but maybe other users would like this too?


I agree. The statistics that are now in the game are mostly uninteresting and little in demand. And there are no statistics such as profit per passenger for different periods, or profit per flight.

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