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Hi, I’m brand new in Airport Ceo, but run thru 1st tutorial and created minimum structures to support GA Aviation, hired Procurement/Ramp Agents staff, signed contract with fuel contractors, oppened airport but still not getting any flight.
What am I missing?

Hello, nice to see a new CEO with us :wink:

  • What is your game version; default or experimental? If you don’t know it is probably default.

  • Did the tutorial is completed from tip to toe, is there any missing steps?

  • Do you get any warnings on top left corner?

Lastly could you provice your airport picture? Thanks.


To echo also what EG said, with zones showing as well please. Makes it a lot easier.

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Thank you for your prompt reply.

  1. Steam Version, downloaded a few days ago;
  2. Went thru 1st on in Steam and also 1st on application
  3. No

You seem to have lost a piece of your left hand taxiway where it joins the runway?

You seem to have lost a piece of your left hand taxiway where it joins the runway?

Indeed it has missing tile however it is not the reason of why he is not getting any GA flights, because his right side runway entrance is correct.

There are no warnings, so your airport is functional but something refuses to accept GA. Could you check your runway and your stands to see that they accept General Aviation?

Also make sure that you didn’t accidentally uncheck small aircraft and GA for the runway.

By the way, what time is it ingame? GA only lands/departs during the day. I know the photo isn’t at night but perhaps it is evening?


But the stands where not accepting General Aviation. I could not find anything regarding this on tutorials. It´s working now.

Thank you very much.


This has been improved on the experimental branch, stands now display a notification box if it does not accept GA flights.

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