Standard processing/handling time of passangers

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I was just wandering does anyone know how early before takeoff or boarding (assuming all other factors are perfect, enough transport options, distance, number of check in desks and so on) passengers show up at the airport and how many hours before takeoff does check in start.
Also at what time before take off does check-in and security end?

I suppose it is different based on the airplane type and passenger number.

The only variable part is the boarding time. This depends on the number of passengers.

Also boarding cannot start before cabin cleaning is finished. Cabin cleaning cannot start before the unboarding is finished.

Afaik the passenger start to arrive at the airport 4 hours prior departure.

Check in is open until the last passenger went through. This can cause delays for other flights if there is a transit bottleneck or not enough check in desks.

For security and passport check there is no end time.

I think the passengers will start arriving 3 hours before the flight is scheduled to arrive. Boarding starts the amount of minutes before the scheduled departure as there are passengers.

If there are 100 scheduled passengers for a flight that arrives at 7AM and departs at 11AM, the passengers will start arriving at the airport at 4AM and boarding will start at 9:20AM.


The best way is to observe and note the times in the fligh planner (G key).

You will see when a scheduled flight gets listed, when the passenger start to arrive, when check in starts and later the boarding.

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