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stand upgrades


I made serious consideration on the current stands within ACEO and how to improve. Therfore I will introduce the following ideas, which are a couple of small upgrades, but all together would enhance the game al lot.

My suggestions for the

  • terminal stands: jet briges connecting to the first and second floor for better passenger segregation.

instead of the four-wide access, there are two two-wide briges:

within floor 2 you can board your passangers towards the airplane

within floor 1 you can deboard your passangers from the airplane

at the ground floor stays everythings as it is - except for the shadows of cours :wink:

  • remote stands: ability to let aicraft exit forward to a second taxiway, no pushback needed

This “upgrades” are indeed meant as “uprage options” within the existing upgrade menu.


Why it should be implemented:

I like ACEO for the huge variety of options to create airports. I like that objects can be upgraded to have even more buliding options. And I like the R&D projects, too - when you research things step by step and add new options. So I asked myself, how to increase this amount of opportunitys, without to much effort.

Especially for the

  • terminal stands: I do not really like the asymetrical design of the four-wide entry. But I see, that this fits easily to many airport designs and therefore it´s a good implementaion. On the other hand nobody is forced to do the upgrades - an for those who want to change their designs, my idea could be a nice way to save space (no elevators/lifts are needed for each and every stand)

  • remote stands: I would agree, that pulling out of a terminal-attached stand in a forward direction, would not make any sence… :wink: ~ But for remote stands, there is no physical reason, why airplanes need to be pushed backwards. If there is a taxiway in front of them, they chould be able to roll forward. This would not only provide more building options, but also could save money at smaller aiports - no ush back truck is needed (“uh, I should take into consideration to research this stand upgrades in R&D…”)

Images, references or additional content:

Example: Ddorf Airport (EDDL)

As always, I apologize for languages mistakes, as I am not a native speaker.
Hope you enjoy the ideas, feel free to comment on! Don´t forget to vote, if you like it!


All nice ideas. For the first one I would let the player decide which one is entry or exit and maybe also allow ground floor. (Maybe a selection similar to the new elevators to extent the jetway to another floor?)


With Jetways connecting it would be great, if a Airport design like Frankfurt Terminal 1 A/Z or Munich Terminal 2 would be possible, there most of the stands are Schengen/National and International/Non-Schengen at the same time, level 1 Schengen Gates ( FRA Gates A) and Level 2 (FRA Gates Z) is Non-Schengen, but I think that’s very hard to realise from the technical side


Those even use 3 floors because for the Z terminal, arrivals use even one level higher than the departure.

Next to the complex program it’s also complicated for players who don’t even know that this exists and why. Only a smaller number of players would really know for what it’s usefull.

So just separation of departure and arrivals should be enough :smile:

Hi no-fun!

ground floor is already allowed by default, if you have no jet briges at all - or am I wrong?

I think so, too. It is - after all - a game :wink:

If I had more votes I would vote! I love this idea. Reminds me of a lot of airports that are local as well as international. :slight_smile:

Great idea. I’ve posted before about the “drive through” stands as seen them at some airports and a goof way to save the use of the pushback truck.

Hi Blackout!
Your´re absolutly right. I really like to see many different typs of aircraft and configurations at “my airport” :wink:

Hi ElCapitano,

I appreciate the term “drive through” stand :rofl: Hope the developers will take over…


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