Stand Pathing

Hi Guys!

Don’t know what I have done, But for some reason I keep getting this on every stand in my airport as soon as a plane lands and taxi’s into the stand.

Tryed reloading my game and all doorways are marked as secure but to no avail any ideas ??

A ramp agent cannot access the stand, can you show us a full screen pic with zones enabled for where your ramp agents are located and the path they need to take?

There’s a bit of distance as you can see by the pictures but I couldn’t see any zoning issues.

Can you make a screeny of the top section with security boots?

  • Are your security boots manned?
  • Did you enable security in Operations Panel?

Secundairy; Walled rooms are very nice near gates, but path-finding of guests ignores it, they will sit on wrong side of walls if the benches are near.

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Yes I have enabled security and Yes the booths are manned.d

  • Does the Security checkpoint allow for Staff?
  • Do you have enough Ramp Agents? (see opertions panel / staff)
  • Is Ramp Agent service enabled?
  • Did you save / reload the game and is it still there?

Yes my Security Checkpoint allows staff, They have a separate security checkpoint towards the top. Yes I have enough staff and ramp service is enabled. And when I reload the game still have the same path finding issue.

Can u take another screen of the area top of the stand, incase it’s something there for us to see,

Is there an issue on the other stands or only this stand ?

Wild guess; did you check the door of your top staff connecting corridor has no wall under it currently (CRTL build wall on the door), had a wall IN a door a few time already… mmmm, should have bug-reported it, did not think of that.

You Beauty, That’s the stand fixed for now, but now that’s fixed now the baggage handles now cant find a reachable secuity point. Clearly upset someone today!!!

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Print screen of baggage area pls.

@FluxMagiicZz can you send your old save game with a bug-report to @Olof so he can fix the WALL in DOOR bug?

Bug Report Link

Will do, and this is the baggage area @jasperwillem

  • Your service road needs a zebra.
  • And the door on the top left is not a secured zone.

Brilliant, appreciate it!! Funny how it was working until i fixed the wall in the door though hmm…