Stand not functioning correctly as god symbol is shown

I keep restarting my game to make things better than previous attempts but hoping I don’t have to but I haven’t come across this so far. I built 4 medium stands exactly the same but one isn’t working properly. I have like a cog wheel and I can’t work out what I have done differently compared to the other 3. I even cleared flights and demolished the stand but even when it isn’t there the cogwheel is still there. I rebuilt it but still has the cog there. Thanks

When you click on the stand, what information are shown on the right side? Is anything red?

Otherwise screenshots would help us to understand the layout. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know how to post screenshots on here as tried before and would of included them ???

I don’t understand this as went on this morning and the cog has gone ??? Thanks

Normally you can copy+paste screenshots in the text box here.

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Yes some screenshots here would be great too! :slight_smile:

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