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I have an idea when the flight have delay then next plane to that stand change gate example:
flight 1023 delayed by hour at gate 1A next flight 6463 change gate to 2A.

I like it but wont that effect all of the other flights

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It would mean changing the system, which would be quite a bit of work but make it more interesting and closer to reality.
In reality the gate can change until very last minute, although that’s for some unforseen circumstances. On a regular schedule and according to what I’ve experienced, gates changes happen quite often until 3-4 hours before departure.
Based on the turnaround time for medium aircraft, it would be okay to assign the gate right on landing (the aircraft would just “catch” the nearest available gate). Planes wouldn’t be able to land if there’s no gate to catch, similar to them currently not being able to land if the assigned gate is in use.

This would at a later stage also allow for assignments of terminals / gate ranges to airlines (where their planes will only catch available gates of that terminal).
A bit difficult is the current assignment of check-in desks as they are connected to gates through the baggage bays. I’m not 100% sure but my impression was that currently check-in is possible even before the arriving plane has landed, obviously this would have to be changed then and check-in could only start after landing.

a System of “STANDBY STANDS” can be introduced which will be connected to all the Desks and Baggage Depots. A Gate is delayed, instead of messing with other gates, the system assigns the standby Attached Stand (or remote stand) for the subsequent flights on the affected stand.

I know its too much work but It will be bringing the setup to a more realistic scenario.


Yep that too us good.

Love this idea and discussion!

Personally, my view is that we should be able to swap change a stand right up until inbound flight touching down. This should of course be restricted to the same time period in line with the “flight already on it’s way” concept we are familiar with.

Good ideas :slight_smile:

Can we not have two of these running?

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