Staggered Flightplanner

Feature request title:

Staggered Flightplanner


Allow to set an amount of minutes, similar to the Minimum Flight Separation, to the automatic flight planner, so planned flights are planned staggered (from top to bottom) instead of the planner adding all the flights at different stands to arrive in the same 15min…

Why it should be implemented:

Currently the flightplanner will a huge swat of flights happening in the same 15-30min, thus congesting any bigger airport and roadsystem unnecessarily.

The current game implementation makes it e.g. possible to run 4-6 remote stands on the same shuttle-bus stop EASILY when doing manual scheduling of the flights for these stands, but with the flightplanner all these stands get their flights around the same time.

A partial workaround is to plan flights manually initially, but this doesn’t work out too well, as the planner sometimes ends up evening out the flights again.

The flightplanner is a necessity for any bigger operation, thus this enhancement to the algorithm (that very likely already iterates over all stands anyway) would go a long way.

I agree but think this is the better solution: Flight Planner - Drag and drop "Available Slot" or Create Templates - #2 by VOID


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