Staffing Tier III scanner

Does security officer energy matter yet? I presume productivity does, and tooltips say that energy affects productivity so I imagine it might…but is it modeled yet?

I spent several hours today watching the Tier III scanner. I have 1) double the security staff as there are positions to be manned, 2) hired/trained for max skill, 3) have staff productivity maxed in R&D, 4) Tier III scanner set to 2hr shifts. I also have a Security staff room and restroom right next to the scanner. What was interesting during shift change, is that I’ll have 2-3 security officers at full rest and productivity sitting in the staff room, yet every single shift change its always been a security officer from upstairs with depleted energy that replaces the security officer on the scanner. Meanwhile, the fully rested security officers continue to sit or wander around. If you tell me they should be taking the shift change and not the tired officers, well, then, I’m firing their azzes!

P.S. Thanks for creating this game, absolutely love it.

Sounds more like a job task distribution issue than anything else, can you include a few screens of you airport layout of the area in question?

I can confrim this behaviour not only for security officers, but at least for ramp agents, too.

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Sorry for the delay, here’s the requested screenshots - looks like I have to break it up into several replies, one per screenshot:

Maria nearing end of shift on scanner:

Dorin and 5 of his colleagues sitting in staff room with “me” and a ramp agent - Dorin and all his colleagues are fully rested, empty bladders, max energy and max productivity (at least to skill level?):

One of Dorin’s colleagues goes up to the checkpoint and relieves Zhang who despite being depleted of energy and getting close to half productivity replaces Maria on the scanner, instead of going to staff room and one of the rested SOs taking the scanner shift:

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