Staffing Needs Sheet

It would be very helpful if there was some kind of staffing need report.

Say, I add 4 big security points, 2 small, 5 check in desks, 6 boarding desks and baggage system is not complete…

A simple report to tell me how many staff and what type are best for my airport, bare bones, or ultra cheap.

What if I enable baggage? How many do I need now?

The report should factor in breaks… who comes on and off shift in a day? How many do I need?

When (if it becomes implemented) I implement night operations, how will that effect staff, shifts and number required?

These could be provided by the HR staff position once filled.

Just my 2 cents.


I think this will come with a future HR or another manager update

+1 to this… There is missing information regarding how many ramp agens are needed per medium stand for example? If I want the flights to be turnaround on a faster manner is hiring more ramp agents a solution? Or the impact beyond a certain number is irrelevant?

This is a good point. I hired ramp agents, but… they all just stand around and do nothing at all. I fired them all, everything still ran smooth. So… not sure what a ‘ramp agent’ is supposed to do in the game.

I have been able to determine that they are in charge of a process in the turnaround… cant remember the exact name right now is some kind of “…check” or something like that. Besides this, they are in charge of the baggage loading and unloading process but here comes the tricky part: is there a maximum number of ramp agents that can unload the baggage?? I know that on the baggage bay you can set the number of agents by side to get the baggage from the bay into the service cars… but it becomes shady in the stand side as far as I understand.

2 for each side of the cargo bay, 2 for inspection every 2-3 small stands and that proportion again for loading-unloading. I have to figure out the personnel for medium stands yet but this has worked for me so far. Also 4 carts for every 5 small stands, depending on distance from cargo bay. This has allowed me to run a smooth turnaround operation

The shifts is something that needs a little bit more clarification for me. When you hire an employee you hire him by name (directly that person) but for example: If I hire John Smith for ramp agent with a 6 hour shift (this is my only ramp agent for this example) will this mean that only for 6 hours in the day there will be an agent at the airport? When will the shift start?

As far as I been able to track when a shift ends a replacement agent comes in for the next one… but since I am hiring John Smith who is the guy who comes next??? I believe that in game logic you are not hiring a person but a position… that seems quite right, but gets confusing since in the hiring process seems you are getting an specific person.

Sorry, I hope I was able to make my train of thoughts clear.

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