Staff Won't Go To Work Upon Airport Arrival

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I am in stage of hiring to open up my airport. There are two terminals at my airport, and one terminal has some underground passenger transit structures. All the staff that seem to arrive on those structures - subways and bus stops - do not do anything upon arrival. They do not freeze, as they will move over a square here or there, but it is as if they cannot use the single-square crosswalks or cannot figure out how to cross the roads.

All the people pictures are just staff, most have arrived in the wrong terminal, but then they do not cross roads to go to their job task/appropriate terminal. Am I missing something?

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Try moving your crosswalks so that they connect pavement areas. Your current crosswalks connect to the asphalt area of a bus stop - the pedestrians can’t walk there.

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Yeah, I just tested. I cannot believe in 3 years I am just no discovering this… I didn’t realize they should be between the two stops and not in the middle of one. Thanks!


@EG0611, Topic solved.


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