Staff transfer between terminals

Not sure if this is the best place since it’s an advice request and a feature request in one.

Started the game a few days ago… now that my airport has grown and has 3 terminals, I seem to be running into an issue where I hire/fire staff and then readjust the allocations, they get stuck trying to transfer terminals which I don’t realize until I start getting staff shortage alerts by upwards of 50-100… I hire more staff thinking I’m lacking enough bodies to fill the positions but actually is due to staff being stuck in their current terminals.

I’ve alleviated it somewhat by making underground staff only walkways between the terminals since the airport is so full I don’t have any room for overground walkways, but it’s still a long walk, takes up space, and unsightly. Are there any methods others have used for this? (Airport isn’t the most efficient design since it was expanded from a small central terminal)

Are there any features like employee shuttles we can build/research so they can travel along service roads in staff vehicles, or just make them a little more lenient in getting to their jobs via suspension of disbelief like how construction workers can seem to walk through anything?

In addition, being able to build Airside/Landside people movers like DFW or JFK have respectively would help getting employees and passengers moved around faster in case they need to or even get stuck due to closing off an access point by mistake or intentionally.

It is necessary to have all terminals connected. There is no way to teleport your staff to another terminal, they need a path to walk there.


There’s a bug on beta 4 where the deboarding system does not take staff terminal assignment into consideration, causing staff to get displaced as they arrive to the airport (fixed in the latest beta 5). However, we will still require that there’s a walkable path between all terminals. In no way is it realistic for an airport to not have walkable paths between its terminals and it’s not recommended.

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The only reason why I’ve been avoiding walkable paths is because the passengers seem to have no issue deboarding a plane at one terminal and actually walking across the whole airport to enter the subway station in another terminal even though the terminals are separated with the terminal tool and there is a subway station in the terminal they deboarded at… With 15,000 passengers or so at peak, I’d rather have them despawn fairly quickly rather than hang around for an unnecessary walk.

Unless of course I’m remembering the behavior from before I split the terminals which I’ll have to check for again later.

Deboarding is working correctly for passengers, the same check was missing for employees and this has been fixed in beta 5.


All cars are going to another terminal for no apparent reason."

Olof, Did this fix in beta 5 that you mentioned cover this problem as well?

Ha, cool. On my previous airport i needed na extra long Underground sidewalk… :sweat_smile:

Hmm… I looked again and I’m seeing deboarded pax with carryons walking between terminals using the underground paths connecting them rather than exiting the world though the subway entrances I built in the same terminal. Removing the terminal designation from these subways makes the same pax complain that they don’t have an exit, so honestly I have no idea if this is working as intended and my assumption about how terminals work is wrong.

Are you on beta 5?

4.2-0 on Steam

Edit: Found the instructions to get the 5.0 beta. Installing that now to test as well.

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Don’t expect any employee shuttle if you have a 100 shortage. That would only create a lot of traffic. :rofl: Just build tunnels and use walkways to pretend those are railways but it does provide a lot of efficiencies. (I no longer expect trains anyway)

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