Staff stuck at bus stop

Hi Guys

Just started a new airport and was employing staff, the only ones who have assumed their position are my security guys. The rest (airport staff, ramp agents etc) are just stood at the bus stop waiting around, I’ve played around with zones but no luck, please can you look at the picture and advise??

Put a staff room in an unsecure area. Staff want to go to a staff room when arriving at an airport. even if they have a job they try to reach it first. So your security checkpoint can’t be operated untill your security agent makes it to the secure staff room…

They will also happily occupy any seating you put in the insecure area too. Even if it’s not in a staff room. They prefer having their own little space, but they will take anything they can get.

It looks like your current staff room is zoned as staff only (not secure), but the only way to access it is via the secure area. The only staff that can “violate” the secure boundaries are the security staff. Further, if there is not an accessible staff room, nor seating for them to access, they just linger until one of those two options is available.

Awesome thanks guys, did the job straight away!!

Oh, I like your basic start setup design :slight_smile:

I have the same issue, built a staff room but they are still standing around the bus stop.

Pls post a printscreen with zones enabled.

Also, who did you allow in the staffroom settings?

I have made 2 staff rooms and allowed all types and yet they are still standing by the bus/car stops

I wonder, is the airport open or closed?

It is open, got over 100 passengers and some staff are working. Tried closing and reopening, and using the f10 panel to reset ramp agents but they still stand there

Are they assigned to a terminal? And if so to the one you want them to work in?

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