Staff requirement for big planes?

Is bigger planes just dubble up from medium?
4 Check in desks.
2 or more boarding desks.
2 Buses and stairs if remote.
8 Ramp workers

Can someone confirm or tell me what i need?

All correct, AFAIK just 4 ramp agents, but had a ramp agent strike on my built so don’t know for sure

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  • Three check-in desks
  • I’ve only ever run two check-in desks, never had issues so guessing that’s about right
  • Pass, not tested ran remote stands
  • 8-10 ramp agents yes

i use 4 boarding desks and 5 check in desks per gate

Olof confirmed three check-in desks. Might be worth a look seeing if it uses the extra. I’ve about 24 checking desks for four large and one medium.

I had 3 large gates open and I noticed that 9 check in desks were being used without baggage. So I then used 9 check in desks with baggage and it worked great. And I used 2 of the larger boarding desk and everyone got through boarding fast!!! Like EXTREMELY fast lol

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3 Check in desks (minimum)
2 Boarding desks (can be one but takes ages, 2/3 seems to be working best)
2 Busses (remote stand)
2 Stair trucks (remote stand and no jetway)
1 Service car (remote stand)
6 Ramp agents (terminal & remote stand)


Just for clarity - I assume the service car is for remote only and the stair trucks are only if no jetway constructed?

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Good remark, just edited

Yes and yes

how many do you suggest for ramp agents at the baggage bay? I did the max 8 on each side just to be sure things got done. lol

I would probably experiment and monitor it closely. It largely depends on how many flights you have at once, the number of baggage bays, etc.


That’s lots of stuff for one plane

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