Staff question

I am not 100% sure I understand how much staff I need. It seems I hire way too many and they still do not cover the desks that need them during all the times needed. Does it work like this:

1 Information desk (2 people)
1 Check in desk ( 2 people)
1 Boarding desk ( 2 people)

Shift length is set to 6 hours. So does that mean I need approx. 18 airport staff to cover the 18 hours of operation (3 shifts of 6 people each)?

Sorry cant remember the hours of operation for the airport so I went with 18 for the example.

Yes and no. Staff doesn’t go home. I’m not sure how long they take to rest up, but i think you don’t need the 3rd team at this time.

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Check-in and boarding desks don’t need 2 airport staffs to function properly. Given that there is no such thing as night flight, you only need 2 teams of people, plus roughly 10% additional for shift change.

Maybe there is, maybe there is’nt: But is there any info screen on how many staff you have, how many is working and how many is free. I have like 110 staffs now, but not sure if I have too many (or to few). I think I have too many as all my flights are on time. But 20 or 40 staff too much cost money…

At this time there is no easy way to see the utilization of your staff. This is a point know by the developers and one of the earlier points they will address :slight_smile:

Good to hear. Anyway Im happy as long as all flights are on time and I make money :slight_smile: . In the future it would be nice to “optimize” the operation.


You can filter staff page by type, now, and count… :yum:

I already did that for my ~210 ramp agents :man_juggling:

We really need a count on a dashboard, needed vs hired.