Staff Problems

Having problems with staff glitched in world with them all appearing but stuck in position when loaded and don’t perform any tasks

Is there anyway to reset staff so they disappear and then retravel to the airport

Yesterday I had the same issue with staff being stuck and not moving anymore. Saving the game and reloading fixed it for me.

Which game version?

Alpha 34.3-0 for me, it was ACEO-22089 (reported before reloading, when it was still stuck).

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Same issue. I saved and loaded the game. This made my new hired staff freeze aswell.
So for now i have to fire my old staff, and hire new staff…

edit : Or save the game. Shut down the whole game… Open it again and load the airport. That worked.

Yah, my ramp agents are stuck at the drop off area. All the PASSENGERS AND OTHER STAFF CAN GET INTO THE TERMINAL, I don’t see why why ramp agents can’t. Doesn’t matter, gonna start a new airport for alpha 35. :innocent: :wink: :wink:

There was a critical bug causing complete freezes in Alpha 35.5-2 which might have caused that problem. Otherwise I recommend you getting on the experimental version and bug reporting any new stalling behavior so we can check it out.

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thanks! :innocent: :innocent: :star_struck:

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