Staff Passport checkpoint [solved]

so the first flight landed in my airport tonight but passengers go to the passport checkpoint meant to be for staff, is it possible for the passport checkpoints to be staff assigned?

This is automatic passport checkpoint, so no staff is needed.
Can you post a picture with zone overlay?

Staff don’t need Passport-Checkpoints so you can’t assign one to them. :slight_smile:
Staff can cross between International and “normal” security zones without further checking.

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ohh HAHA I did not know that sorry I’m new HAHA Thankss

I didnt Know sowii HAHA Thankss

ohh can I ask one more thing how do you get the passengers to leave that site, they’re still looking for an security exit, built a passport checkpoint entrance for them to go back but they ain’t moving :joy:

Can you share some more screenshots and with active zone overlay? (Z key)

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Ohh, I managed to get them out of the site HAHA, but thank you :relaxed: :yellow_heart:

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