Staff & passenger refusal
This is my 6th attempt at trying to get a working airport without plane pileup.Finally got the planes sorted and now the staff and passengers are winding me up.
I built a 2nd terminal so as everything runs smoothly.Have doors for passengers (bottom right for new and top right secure for ones that went through main terminal), there are doors off shot for staff to get to this terminal from the last, with included crosspaths because of a security road and yet only the contractors + a handful of staff are in this terminal.They are all outside, missing flights.Check-in desks and baggage are unstaffed but activated, double the staff I need and, despite closing and re-opening them & game several times, the same continues. “routing” error is over them.
Only passengers venturing to the toilet, pop in, then remain in bathroom.
The bigger picture -
Any help would be MUCH appreciated please.
Ver 22:2

Check in desks are unstaffed??? Hire some airport staff and open them???

I appreciate you bringing to my attention , that I did not initially include this info.
Now I have.
Can no one help please?
I’d really like to give this game a good go, rather than delete it.
Was hoping to buy it for my father if it was any good…

Can you send me a save? I could take a look at it later.

This is some suggestions I have

  1. Build a crosswalk in the public road reading to the vehicle checkpoint.
  2. You cannot transition between a secure zone and a staff zone without security checkpoint/exit.
  3. Try rotating or deleting the bathroom door.
  4. Have you tried expanding the sidewalk area in front of the second terminal?

Please tell me where to locate the save file and where to upload to. I have been through each of the game folders and none say “save”.
There are sidewalks leading to the new terminal and 2 crosswalks leading to an overly expanded sidewalk, before the large door/entrance to the 2nd terminal.
I shall place in another secure exit point leading to the baggage area for staff and see if they move bums,
though they have 3 entrances and only 1 is secure to baggage and check-in desks.Rest are “open”(Thankyou)
placed the door in 3 spots, but people walk through walls to get there.

Appreciate the response

Sorry if this sounds too “bott-y”, I copied off the Discord

To access your saves folder on Windows, copy and paste the following into a Windows Explorer path bar (not Internet Explorer): %APPDATA%\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Saves\


Just zip the folder.

Hmmm, I don’t have a public GDrive or Dropbox though.

Sorry, had a meeting before, now I’m home. I’ve downloaded it yet.

Yep, got it. I’ll clean up first, have dinner, then boot up the save.

PS, it’s not a large airport right (not like, 10+ med stands)?

10 small and 4 medium stands.
Thanks for letting me know

Ok, so disclaimer first, you can’t build a functioning multi-terminal like this yet. The AI pathing is a bit weird, I had one instance where the passengers actually try to pass through the large terminal to access the stand in the small terminal.

Putting that out of the way, here’s two problems you had.

  1. As I mentioned, you need to connect the two terminals by crosswalks, which you didn’t. Here’s what I did. It allows passengers to flow from the other terminals to the stops and parking area in the first terminal.

  2. You don’t have enough airport staff to man the boarding desk. You could try prioritizing boarding desk in their job tasks, but I prefer hiring more staffs.

Also, on the reason why your planes seems to crash into each other, you need to build holding points for arrival runways as well. Because looking at your planes, when they land, they actually go all the way to the holding point on the departure runway, before taxi-ing back to terminal.

Well that was fast. Thank you
Baggage bay routing?
Crosspath thingies i have above, going from “main” parking then from the secondary parking to terminal.
But from what you are saying i can’t do 2 terminals anyway, so i ought to scrap this idea entirely?
(No plane pileup problems on this setup :grin: )

You can’t do 2 separate entire terminals. But having multiple terminals just for the stands is possible.

This is one of the barebones setup I’m currently trying

The boarding desks, lounge, check-in, and exits are all separated.

I’ve also ran a larger one with three separate terminal buildings, but they all still have one centralized check-in and baggage claim area (I separated baggage claim into the north and south, but they’re still in the same building)

This is the one I’m talking about

Well , what can i say? :persevere:
I appreciate you looking into it for me.
I know i was 6ish staff short but I was trying to work on 1 problem at a time…wish i could flick the lil pixels to move them :rofl:



If you have Discord, you could join the official server for help and ideas as well.

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I got rid of Discord a long time ago, but thank you for the invitation :slight_smile:

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