Staff parking lots

I don’t know if it’s a bug or what, but I have four parking lots only for staff and three of them are full and one is almost (5 available places out of 28). The thing is that I only have 22 employees, so it should be enough with one parking lot.
Is that a bug?
Am i doing something wrong?
Is it important? I mean, what happen if all of them are full?

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I find this too sometimes, staff lots are full even if there’s no way they can be

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Staff parking currently doesn’t work very well. It seems it just keeps “calling” more cars even though they are not required.

@Olof, This gets very annyoing, maybe same fixing is needed. Why does this happen anyway?

they come and park their cars, then they get drunk at the airport bar and have to uber or taxi home.


Then they forget that they own a car and buy a new one. And the cycle repeats.

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Please bug report it, so the devs have a reference for the issue.

Beta 3 has new code in place for this behavior, I suspect, cannot verify unless we have a bug report on it but Alexander overhauled a ratio calculation relating to spawn ratio between parking lots and car drop offs today (calculations were way off).


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