Staff not finding ways to jobs

Hey all,

Got an issue with a first build airport, basically the staff hired are now no longer doing what I would like them to. I have 2 staff rooms 1 before security, and 1 after, and it seems over time the ones who go through security will serve on the boarding gates once, then move into the staff room (just like I wanted), but then never leave. They have error messages saying that they can’t find a way out of the security area, but the passengers have no issue with getting out of the zone.

Is there a way to assign staff to different jobs, as I would like for only 4 staff to go through security and serve as boarding gate attendants, but can’t seem to say this person do that job always. I will try and post a pick to help with the above.


Did you zone the “secure” staff room as a secure zone?
I had a similar problem with a bathroom in a secure zone until I worked that out.

Just remember. Secure zones are separate and independent of staff zones (passengers can’t walk in these areas), bathrooms and staff rooms (which are function based, not access restricting).


Yep had the whole satellite terminal zoned secure, as well as the walkways, and crossings. The passengers seemed to follow the path fine, but the staff did to get to the terminal, but then could never make it back to the main building to serve passengers there. Quite puzzling, but if Dallas is right, then that could well be the problem.

Can you send a screen if the same area but with zones enabled?