Staff needing to eat and go to toilet

I was wondering if staff would have the need to go to the toilet or to eat something at your restaurants
Since there are shifts in the game the staff on break could go eat something to keep them happy
Not that important but maybe a nice little detail :slight_smile:


That is indeed a nice feature, but one that is not in the game at this time :slight_smile:

It is true that we don’t have that in the game yet but the functionality exists with the passengers, so it is a matter of hooking that into the employee cycle. But we have now 100% committed not to add any new functionality before the release.


Totally understandable but I hope you liked the idea :smiley:

I suggested microwaves in the minor suggestions thread. Guess those could be a part of this. I think it would be rather expensive to eat at an airport everyday.


Yeah like some kind of staff kitchen with microwaves a fridge etc so they could eat there

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And don’t forget coffee machines.

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Very nice! I like it!

So we just need a staff room with kitchen then. :wink:


Actually in the future, staff cafeteria would be necessary.

As Fredrik said, they share very much the same code base for these activities (bathroom, eating, resting and so forth) and it’s a matter of adding a few if’s to activate it. However, no new content will be added now before release and even though this is not new it does very much affect the simulation balance which is why it’ll be activated further down the road. :slight_smile:


if it happens it sounds more realistic

in my opinion, if in the future there will be added, the needs of eating, drinking, etc. for employees, then they should be implemented during the shift. after shift ends, employees should return home (eg day and night shift) and arrive at the airport by bus, car or metro when they are to start working again (as it is done in the case of shops and restaurants)

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