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Hey devs you are doing a great job. Below my suggestions about staff members:

  1. check in agents and gate agents normally in real life are airline employees, not airport.
  2. more offices workers like accounting analyst, financial analyst, procurement analys, IT Analyst, cctv operator, marketing analyst, command center analyst.
  3. cctv system is good as well
  4. create medium and low management positions is good.
  5. staff training
  6. benefit plans per position
  7. promotion possibilities
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What would the functions of the employees in your second point be?

Hey guy,

Accountants offices are in charge to collect taxes and keep records from financial transactions, they also can search saves in taxes.

Financial analysts are in charge to pay bills and buy supplies.

Procurement analysts are in charge to do reserch and make sure any illigal gap is existent.

IT officers are in charge to develop systems will make your airport efficient and repair computer aa well.

Marketing analyst can promote franchising.

I think I don’t forget anyone lol

CCTV operator can help to mantain security. And you can create fog areas in airport and cctv cameras may turns clear for you.

Command Center agents are in charge to coordinate all operational job and ensure less lates might happen, like in real life.

Also, congratulations to be a winner in Airline Design Contest! Great job!

Thanks! Do you have a suggestion on what these staff-members would actually do in the game, from a gameplay-perspective?

From a game-play perspective and avoid great micro-management I suggest the chiefs officers can hire them and the CEO is stablish guidelines and budget, for example, you as CEO can say to CFO how much accountant analysts he can hire, how much he can pay per hour, how much skilled the analyst must be, what do you expect they achive, like 5% in taxes savings, if they achieve this, how much you will pay in bonus, how promotions can be done. As you are CEO is your role offer resources and infrastructure, so you must build the offices as well.

For example you can set this guidelines in a page for CFO and CFO will take care to do all you set.

Is role from CEO follow progress from guidelines, so maybe a meeting board can be implemented. As you view in a dashboard how things are done.

The main objectives to add this staff-member in the game is to rise the realism and show for players that be a CEO is set goals, appoint direction for other. It your role do the right thing. For example if you implement a accountant department you will not collect taxes, do you can receive a fine for this. Or you don’t save taxes, always you pay the highest rates, because you don’t know reductions is allowed.

I don’t know if I was clear to answer your question :l

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It was, and I think this could really work! It’s probably not high on the priority-list, but certainly a possiblity for the future!

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I’ve talked about this idea with pderuiter before with regards to several aspects of your suggestion

I would like to see a Rimworld-style skills/traits system (with the exception of going berserk, obviously). And for the COO, CIO, CFO positions, only non-haulers should be allowed.

Hey guy, I great idea! i read in your posy that some people feel that it can add a lot of micromanagement, i respect of them! But it’s good idea add some complexity to game! If the game has the name Airport CEO, it shouldn’t be only a airport sim, but there CEO element in the game (management - strategy). Otherwise, they can change the game name like Airport Construction. You can replace a lot of micromanagement there is currently in game and replace for a more strategy elements.

But again I respect the differents points of view!!!

Yeah, that’s what I thought. My hope is that as you transition from GA to Intercontinental status, you begin to shed off micromanaging your airport and thinking more of the long-term.

Ii’ve been played tycoon simulation games for a long time and I realized there are two kind of users, one who wants more challenging and complexitiy in the game (like me), and users want more friendly and more simplicity in the game. It’s a hard balance to attend all demands. However you have epic games like Capitalism Lab, Wall Street Raider, Football Manager (it’s not a tycoon game but it is a masterpiece in terms of reality), europa universalis iv (not tycoon), euro truck simulator and many other who have one common feature: in-depth mechanics, and look how they are known now!!!

Others devs tried to deliver a airport game before but all failed in my opinion, for one reason they always look for supericial and operational features. But my hope is this game overpass all expectations and become a masterpiece, it has a lot of potential and great idea!!! And all our ideas here is to help this game to improve!!!

But I think a balance between simplicity and complexity is good and all our ideas (demands) can merge sometines to create a better idea!

But I respect all points!!!


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