Staff Happiness (two achievements) - HOW?

I would like to ask for help.There are two achievements related to “staff happiness” I cant find this stat anywhere -one achievement is for happiness over 90 and the second one happiness under 10. Of course it will be related to pay/training/working hours ratio but is this statistic logged anywhere? Is there a way how to exactly know what my staff happiness is - so I will be able to adjust for example training and working hours? Thanks

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Is it always that hard get direct support from game devs even on their website?

Yes, and no… Even when I mentioned their names they didn’t respond, but they are on weekend mode right now. Also, they are normally busy. I personally don’t know, but it may be in one of the report emails you get if you have certain executives.

As @humoresque states the devs were in weekend mode in the past days. Pending on how busy they are squashing bugs or writing new features, they take time to also look into less high priority questions. As Beta 3 is now being tested their full attention is on that at the moment, so this one is more one for the community to answer instead of the devs.

In an answer to your question, the devs have left us a couple of achievements as a ‘challenge’ to find out for ourselves on how to get them. I assume the two you are talking about are amongst them. :smile_cat:Personally I’m not an achievement ‘hunter’ so I cannot directly help you with an answer, but maybe somebody on the forum already did achieve this and has the answer. If you found it out yourself, please let the community know as well.

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I will look into trying to find this later today

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I got the achievement but cannot find a way to track this value other than apparently having achieved at some point.

As far as I understand staff happiness is based on their toilet and rest needs. Making sure they have access to a toilet and a staff room with seating equipment should do it. Additionally, you could also try to decrease the shift length to get your staff to take breaks more often. If haven’t yet tried to get the achievement of low happiness but I assume closing the toilets and staff rooms should do.

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