Staff enroute and Procurement

My second quest ist how the procurement work yet.
I have all but i have not all… ? Oo

The only thing you have there is Avgass fueling. Is the ‘1’ at quantity confusing you? it’s a number you can change between 1 and 9 when ordering vehicles, to order mutiple at once, it’s not the amount you have.

Yes, but i have all the c’s …cso, cio. cfo etc… who is the other stuff?
must i research one or two other to get the other ones? (sry I’m german :wink: )

You have to research any “product” once for it’s own. To make an product available for unlocking you need either some specific staff, or they get available by some previous product (like some further items from the baggage handling system). Any product is “awaiting unlock” needs to be unlocked by you. Any product which isn’t available for unlocking is hidden. Looks like you didn’t get all the special staff you need for additional products yet.

Vehicles aren’t researched, but bought. Therefore you can buy them multiple times, just as you need.

If you have further questions, you may send me a personal message so I can try to help you in German.

Suggestion @Seraphin, maybe start a German Q&A in the following sub; I think several people would appriciate that.

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