Staff doing endless circuit of secure/non-secure zones


I am having issues which seem to be triggered by editing areas of my airports.

As soon as i build or remove any items, the ramp agents most.commonly but sometimes all staff, start to disregard tasks and start doing an endless lap of the airport passing security search and back round to non secure area via a correct route.

The fix is to relay the small secure zoning across the existing staff room despite not editing that area or any linked areas. It can be as simple as moving a wall or window in a non zoned area.

Just curious if this is a know issue or any reason if happens? I know the secure or international zoning can jump about when removing or adding security controls but struggling to figure out what is causing the issue of staff in endless laps of the terminal until rezone the unaltered staff rooms.

Thanks for help :slight_smile:




I had the same issue on one of my builds (ACEO-29218), but it cleared after a couple of save and reloads

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Thanks for the fix. This was really frustrating me. Had to restart the game in hopes that it will work normally.

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