Staff coming off shift use the wrong bathroom

Bug ACEO-40467 - Staff will not use the nearest Bathroom

I have a Staff Office on Level 0 with a large Bathroom next door, but the Staff will go past this up to Level 1 to use the small Bathroom next to the Administrator Office. Also, the Administrators will sometimes not use their own Bathroom and will go down toLevel 0 and use the Staff Bathroom there.

One of the resulting situations is that Staff that are on their long trek for relief will not heed their call to duty in a timely manner, resulting in late check-in desk opening, late boarding, unmanned security checkpoints and delays in service round on the stands.

Is this on beta 6?

Yes, B6.0-1 on Experimental branch

Okay thanks, will have a look.

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I’ve been having another look, and it seems as if it isn’t the ones which are off duty doing this, it’s the ones coming off duty. They make a bee-line for the Admin Bathroom then go to the Staff room.

For instance, follow Passenger Service Agents as they finish checking-in a flight, or Administrators as they leave the office with a ‘Bathroom’ speech balloon above their heads.

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Issue found and patched, deploys tonight! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the fix. I let the game run for a while before checking, Administrators are using their own Bathroom, and PSAs and Ramp Agents are going directly to the Staff Bathroom next to the Staffroom on Level 0.

There are still Security staff using the Employee toilet on Level 1, but only the ones coming off shift and as the Security area is next to the Admin offices and it’s obviously the nearest one to them when they register the bathroom need, I suppose we can let that stand.

One thing that has cropped up that I’ve noticed now, is the Executives aren’t using their own bathroom:

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