Staff can't transfer terminals [solved]


I have two terminals in my airport. One handles small planes, one handles medium.

I recently discovered that my ramp staff is mostly stuck at Terminal 1 (small stands) and cannot get to Terminal 2 (medium stands). They have the red exclamation points over their heads!

I have two walkways between terminals. One is on the ground level and leaves the secure zone in Terminal 1 and walks across some services roads before entering a secure zone in Terminal 2. It is zoned secure the entire way across.

The second walkway is underground and is not secure. There is a security exit which leads from the baggage bay room onto an underground walkway that then takes stairs up into terminal 2.

The staff aren’t taking either path. They are currently all on the ground floor of Terminal 1 outside of security. What can I do? I keep having ramp shortages in Terminal 2 because any new-hires are auto assigned to Terminal 1 and then can’t switch.

Thank you!

So are your terminals zoned area by area? if you research that and apply that, I’m pretty sure you transfer and keep staff that way. Otherwise, the staff would just stay in one place where demand keeps on coming while not trying to walk too far to another workplace. (I guess that’s the logic anyway)

What do you mean area by area? Terminal 1 is one terminal zone and Terminal 2 is a second terminal zone.


Can you post some screenshots of your airport, the terminals and the paths between them? If possible with active zone overlay (z key).

The rampers in question are all in the unsecure area of the terminal on the left, and I need them/they’re assigned to the terminal on the right.

So they have to enter secure zone 2 and then leave it again to take the non secure path to the other terminal?
If that’s the case, it won’t work. Their logic cannot enter a secure zone just to pass it through. :slight_smile:
Provide them a direct non secure path.

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Just add an elevator somewhere from -1 unsecure under the left terminal to the surface unsecure zone.

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I have never used elevators before :rofl: But that would be a lot cleaner looking than the staircase I just put in. I’ll get it all cleaned up. But the non-secure to non-secure transfer is exactly what worked. Thanks to you both!


You can add any floor transfer item, a staircase, escalator, or elevator. An elevator just saves space

Maybe you can even try to convince pax to into a baggage elevator. devs we need this feature :wink:

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