Stability issues when running the game

I am experiencing crashes every 15ish minutes since the big bird update on experimental.
Doesn’t matter if an old save game is used or a new airport is build.
I tried turning auto saving on and off - no difference.
And it doesn’t seem to be depending on the actions I do in game. Happens during copying, zoning, placing stuff or doing nothing,
I even get Windows bluescreens sometimes. But usually the game just closes or freezes.

I’m running the experimental branch (and have been for months), and I am also experiencing crashes. When the original Big Bird update went live, things were fine, but now every time I try to edit an airport, within 2 minutes of editing, the computer just completely restarts. I’ve tried to figure out if this is a graphics card issue or what, and haven’t totally been able to pinpoint it yet.

Can you both let us know your hardware specifications and if the crashes manages to produce a log file or crash message?

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