St Maarten Princess Juliana International

Fancied a change from the nightmare-ish, meltdown-ish situation of introducing international operations at my otherwise domestic airport, and stumbled across this thread. Thought I’d have a go at a real world interpretation…

Work in progress…Sort of happy with the general layout - computer wouldn’t handle any bigger game world than default 4 tiles. Quite time consuming already, and not looking forward to getting it operational!

Hope you like.


This has been on my list to do for a while. I’d really like to see how this works! What with aircraft having to taxi up and down the runway.

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We wish that runway U turn would work out. Also planes that taxi on runway and planes that take off/landing won’t recognize each other.

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How did you get water in your airport

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I think it is a blue carpet.


Very nice, especially what you did with the floortiles to create a sea and beach area.

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