Sports Teams Liveries

I decided to combine some of my favorite things; sports and aviation. Today I started this new series/collection. I decided to start with my favorite sport hockey. Currently jetBlue has an A320 in a livery for the Boston Bruins of the NHL.

If you are interested in this series I made a Trello Board to track the progress.


Ooh, nice!

I finished two more. I will admit that the Celtics A320 is really bad and I will redo it later maybe. I also did the NY Jets second aircraft with jetBlue and it is better than the Celtics one.


If you are taking requests, can you please create one for Manchester United?

Brooklyn Nets A320 is now done! I’ll update the jetBlue sports mod tonight with the new planes!


Thank you!

Maybe in the future after I finish airlines in the United States.

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I would like to request the Toronto Maple Leafs if possible please.

if I ever finish my better maple mod the maple leafs will be included in that.


This actually looks nice! Maybe one day when game supports special (multiple liveries with once spawn ratio) liveries, these might be part of the game

@Brandon, Glad to see you back. it’s been a little bit and I want to say, I love all your liveries so far.

Hey @Brandon, do you know where I can find the link in the steam workshop? I can’t find it.

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thank you

this is the link to his workshop: Steam Workshop::Brandon's Mods

Thank you so much @arawn! :slight_smile: