Specify gates for Check-in Desks (Multi-terminal support)

I know there’s some suggestions already for multi-terminal support, but one thing I don’t see yet is being able to specify check-in desks ability to select gates.

Two thoughts I had:

  1. you could either tie a desk to the gate same way you tie boarding desks. But I don’t think check-in desks are used for the entirety of a flight’s time?

  2. Assign a desk to a unique secured zone. Rather than requiring you to link the desk to a gate, perhaps if you have separate secured zones, you could tie it directly to a zone.

My concern around #2 is that it remains possible for the game to use a desk that is very far from the gate, if you have one large secure zone.

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AFAIK, there’s a brute-force method of forcing check-in desks only available for certain stands (which I’ve tried but never really pay attention to). Which is that you tie the check-in desks to the baggage bay, then you tie the baggage bay to the stands.

Ref Revolt. If you really want 1:1 connection use one bag bay per gate to solve this. Not very efficient though :slight_smile:. But group your gates with bag bays and then to a groupe of check ins. Anyone knows max number of gates a bag bay can support?

Again, afaik, there’s no max limit, but the more gates the bays handles, the longer it takes for loading/unloading.

I should have put max in “” or maybe used the term optimum :slight_smile: .
I would guess they work at any number, but the time will at some point exceed the turnaround time making the airplanes late.

That however depends completely on

  • passenger numbers
  • Distance from bay to stand
  • Distance from bay / stand to vehicle depot (since vehicles takes longer to get started on loading / unloading)

I think 3 or 4 would really be pressing your luck, but others might disagree :slight_smile:

Yes, I recon there will be several factors involving the capacity.I have 2 small and 2 medium at one gate. I have 5 rampies on each side. The only thing is they do stand with their tea cup scratching their ass a lot, but no delays.

2 medium works also without any issues, so I will try 4 medium when expanding, but then there will be a longer ride to the gate.

I’ve connected 14 meds to one baggage bay before. It seems most of my problem comes not from baggage bay, but from the distance.

But on that point, I’d say a light stand is actually more bothersome for baggage operations than med stand. This is because of the way service trucks work, which is grab a bag specific for one flight before returning back to depot, then back to the baggage bay to pick up bags for another flight. Which is annoying for light CA since you can plop down many of those stands, but they only carry very few bags.

Is it necessary? Since check-in desks and stands are connected to a specific bay, aren’t they, by extension, also connected?

Only if you’re using baggage bays. If you don’t have them, your flights can happen anywhere.

Do you know if this connection still enforces it if you have the baggage system disabled?

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Im not sure, but I would think so.

4 Medium stands is totally doable. I’ve done it with 7 ramp agents on either side. The service trucks do have to queue sometimes but absolutely no delays :slight_smile:

This is feasible to connect the check-in desks with the security station and in this way to bring the passengers in different, separate terminals. would be nice if something in the game would be installed. the staff can indeed through stuff-zones through doors back and forth. I think that’s great.

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well distance is not really a problem if you could order all cars that pick up luggage to be at the gate as airplane arrives, which is usually the case… so that is something that should be looked into.

This is definitely something which will be vital for multi-terminal airports. I’ve created a mess of an airport with two very small terminals, but passengers end up checking in at one terminal when their flight is departing the other. This would definitely be useful - the best way is to probably connect a check-in desk with a specific secure zone. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried making different secure zones for different sections of my airport, with their own shops, baggage bays, gates and checkin desks. The issue is once they have passed though security, they are not happy because they “can’t move about in the terminal”. This annoys be because I wanted to make an airport that was similar to Berlin Tegel, but I was unable…

4 medium gates was the optimum I found too.

Yes, there should be more linking of check-in desks to certain gates, right now nobody cares where they check-in and where they depart, but with remote stands and the possibility to build multi-terminal-airports, this will have to change. Even now the passengers complain about areas they can not assess and you always have to have one big secure zone to avoid that passengers enter the wrong security control and can not reach their gate. Passengers will have to know where to check in and where to go afterwards and ideally, these two places should not be too far away from each other, in the same terminal (but maybe, there is no other option, because your flight scheduling was bad). And with remote stands, you will need the possibility to link stands to certain gates.

You could even have a flight planner that is built-up like a flight information screen, you know, Flight AO54 to …, gate 42, check in desk 256 - 263.

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