Specific airline per specific plane stand

(Prologue) not related to the voting. If you are interested in the voting please look into second paragraph
This prologue is my view on the state of this game as it is right now

  1. Hi all. I played this game since release a lot and when I discovered everything (unfortunately after few days) I quit and returned back about two weeks ago. Since then I played a lot and again I reached “the end”. This game has huge potential but key things are still missing. (Large jets, cargo planes, ATC employees, plane hangars and many more). Also this game still suffers from pathfinding issues of all kind (game spams me all the time with errors that employee could not find path to workplace and passenger could not find path to security check and that passenger could not claim baggage). Everything is false when I click on it it is already OK. Also getting message that GA flight did not recieve requested service and it decreased my airport rating (I checked GA flights for about 30 minutes none of them wanted anything except fuel. I have 8 stands and 10 AVGASS cisterns and still getting this message. Vehicle depot is very very close.

  2. I like to use auto flight planner (it saves a lot of time) on the other hand I would like to have more options in flight planner. For example set specific stand for specific airline or set specific plane stand to daily/once flights. In the real life it works this way. Some stands have the same plane every day some stands are for one airline. I would like to see that flight planner could automatically assign flights to specific stands. For example if I want to have Fly Penguin airline flights at terminal 1 gate 1-4 I would set plane stand 1-2 for daily flights and stand 3-4 for daily flights and auto flight planner would have to fill it this way or leave it blank if specific flights are not there.
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This idea already has some votes , you might want to vote here:


I’m aware of this but there is little bit of difference. I’m talking about options in the auto flight planner. Linked topic is different because If I understood it right Pderuiter wants possibility to manually assign plane stand to airline and to specific check-in desk with airline logo :slight_smile:

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