Spawn incidents

How can I spawn incidents eg bird strike as of the latest update…

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You can use the following F9 commands to spawn emergencies.
Be aware that achievements get disabled for the savegame when using F9 or F10 functions. Also to spawn emergencies, the game has to run a few ingame hours after loading and needs some processed flights.

prompt incident [1-8]
test incident [9-16]

“promt incident 1” for example is a bird strike. 1 to 8 are those with action, 9 to 16 is more the economical stuff.


Be very careful with the economy stuff though! Some of them take forever to complete!

When I do this the console says ohh no in green after I type in the command but it does not happen how long will it take after I type the command

The message “oh no” is actual good and tells that there was at lest no typo.
In this case it was too early and not enough flights have been processed since loading. Keep the game running for some ingame hours. If your flight schedule is small, it might take longer.

The bird strike emergency will usually use one of the recent departed planes. If there are enough processed, the chance is higher that it gets one.

ok so oh no is good and it means it’s not a typo ok the chance higher the more planes (That was just an example but thanks anyway) I have waited and now some work I think 1-5 so I will play the game in doing so I will be waiting and then the other should work (I have not yet done the test incident.

I use the first code here (prompt incident 1), and you can see what is supposed to happen:

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